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Barack Obama

Name: Barack Hussein Obama II
– 4. August 1961 geboren Honolulu, Hawaii
– seit 20. Januar 2009 amerikanischer Präsident
– Jurist und Politiker der demokratischen Partei  amerikanisch- kenianische Abstammung
– erster Afroamerikaner als Präsident
– von 2005 – 2008 Junior Senator Bundesstaat Illinois
Kindheit und Jugend:
– Obamas Vater (selber Name) stammte aus Kenia & gehörteDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley
Elvis was born in the night of the 17th to the 18th of January 1935 in East Tupelo. He was a twin, but
his brother died as he was born. His name was: Jessie Groan Presley. Elvis got his first guitar on his
11. birthday. His father, Vernon Presley, was in a prison for 1 year and a half, because he copy a
check. After he left the prison, they went often to another city, because Elvis dad hadn’t got a job.
1948 they moved to Memphis-City.Das vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Australian Customs

Australian Customs
The Australian…
…is friendly, liberal-minded (weltoffen), inquisitive (neugierig) and helpful.
 Australians always use the first name.
 You’ve got no problems to find friends
Work and free time
 The Australians have got a proverb which is the opposite of our “Was du heute
kannst besorgen, dass verschiebe nicht auf Morgen” “Never do today, what you
can put of till tomorrow”
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Fear of flying – Aviophobia

1. What type of syntoms do people have?

People have the fear of being in a plane while in flight. The level of anxiety is so great that this desease prevents a person from travelling by air. If a person with such a phobia is compelled to fly, it will cause a big distress to that person. He or she could have panic attacks with shortage of breath and vomiting.

2. What types of challenges do people with this phobia have?

  • They will have problems to travel (business, going in vacations)
  • It will prevent people from visiting family or friends abroad
  • It can cripple the career of a businessperson, if he or she refuses air travel on work related business.

3. Are there any treatments? What can be done to help manage it?


  • Educating people about the realities of aviation can diminish their fear. For example how aircrafts fly, what a certain sound is, that turbulence will not destroy the airplane.
  • Or People could lear flying or fly dive to lose the fear of the unknown.


  • There are lots of different therapies, which try to help the people to handle their anxiety.
  • Which different types will be used depends on the cause of the fear and by which key occasion it appeared the fist time (which age?)


  • Often psychoactive medications like relaxant or depressant drugs are used to fade the symptoms and the breathtaken feeling of anxiety.

4. What do you

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A meeting in the dark – Caught between cultures


  • Time: 1970ies
  • Place: Kenia, Limuru, Makeno Village
  • Point of view: experienced speech, internal monologue, 3rd person, indirect narrator


  • John
    • Son of Stanley, clever, hard working, should go to college (Makarere Uganda), has a special status in the village, has an affair with Wamuhu
    • Father of John, frail but energetic, priest, religious tone, treats his son like a sinner, not very polite, feared by everything, columnist, prayer

    • pretty and attractive, not very
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A second hut – Caught between cultures


  • Time: 1931
  • Place: South Africa / Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)


  • Major Carruthers
    • alone, good, has to work hard every day, proud -> doesn’t want to confess this an go home, caring and helps Van Heerden, farmer, gentleman, changes his style -> lazy
    His wife
    • ill, married Major C. because of being a good soldier, can’t cope with the situation, all day long in bed, wants to go home
    Van Heerden – Dutchman

    • good worker, has 9 children, really poor, treats the natives quite bad, 43 years old,
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My son the fanatic? – Caught between cultures


England, Bristol


Point of View

limited point of view (Parvez), omniscient narrator


Parvez – father, taxi driver, doesn´t understand what is wrong with Ali, doesn´t follow the Qu´ran, protagonist, first generation immigrant, loves western habits, loves his family, Pakistani. Ali – son of Parvez, religious boy, 2nd generation immigrant, he sticks to the Qu´ran, was good in school and had very western habits. he changed his behaviour very drastic, very pious. Bettina – best friend of Parvez,Das vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Liebe / Love (Englisch Referat)

Love is very important in our lives and there are many different types of love. Your friends can love you , your parents can love you and also your partners can love you. Love is a big word.

Everybody has the first childhood love or the first real love. We use this word very often in a day ,but do we know the real meaning of love? I think we all should think about it and in what different and sometimes wrong ways we are using the word love. If we really love someone or something we should feel it. We shouldn’t use it to much because then the real meaning of love goes away. During this assignment I read 2 textes and watched one movie all with the broad theme of love. My firstDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal was born in Lansing – Michigan on 10 April 1951. His mother was a nurse and his father was a teacher. The family moved to Fullerton when he was five. His interest in martial arts started at the age of five. He was suffering from asthma when he was a child. When the family moved to California the weather there helped him cure.
He worked in Burger King, as he was a student at the high school. He started to play the guitar in 1960. Steven Seagal, one of the world’s most popularDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Falling Man Characters

Keith Neudecker

  •  lawyer
  •  39 years old
  •  wears business suits / is tall
  •  Lianne’s ex-husband (p. 37 / l.2)
  •  father of Justin, not a good relationship
  •  survivor of 9/11 -> traumatized
  •  lives in a small apartment close to the WTC
  •  likes poker games
  •  starts a new life in Las Vegas and becomes a professional poker player ->


  •  addicted to provoke his luck
  •  is distant to other people
  •  never share emotions or feelings
  •  has no sex with Lianne after 9/11
  •  has a affair with Florence


  •  38 years old
  •  Keith’s ex-wife
  •  threw Keith out
  •  mother of Justin
  •  was a single mother for a long time but she still loves / misses Keith
  •  takes Keith to hospital
  •  lives near Fifth Avenue
  •  works with people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease; leads a

group; writes down their stories and experiences

  •  her father committed suicide because he was a Alzheimer patient
  •  freaks out when the neighbor listened to loud music; she tries to hit her
  •  does not know how to deal with the performing artist “falling man”
  •  no equal relationship between her and her mother Nina because Nina is

very dominant


  •  has a lover -> Martin
  •  has a daughter -> Lianne
  •  maybe 70 years old
  •  former professor of art but retired academic
  •  takes heavy medication to fall asleep
  •  not happy about Keith and Lianne
  •  not empathetic
  •  strong character -> own opinion on the terror attacks
  •  American status symbols (apartment, lover, money)
  •  she links the character


  •  Lianne’s and Keith’s son
  •  7 years old
  •  pale hair
  •  likes to play baseball
  •  collects old pencils
  •  best friends = Kati and Robert (siblings)
  •  made up their own story about 9/11

– Bin Laden = Bill Lawton (p.73)

– They are searching the skies for more planes

  •  the relationship between Justin and Keith improves after 9/11
  •  Keith leaves Justin and Lianne
  •  3 years later:

– Keith comes back

– Hates his father


  •  “He was active” (p.140, l.21)
  •  member of a collective in the late nineteen sixties, called “Kommune One”

in Germany (p.142, l.3)

  •  may have been part of a support group or a sleeper cell (p.142, l.21)
  •  his name is Ernst Hechinger (p.143, l.32)
  •  he keeps an apartment in Berlin (p.142, l.14)
  •  he thinks that the jihadists have something in common with the radicals of

the sixties and seventies (p.142, l.24)

  •  he has a wife in Paris (p.141, l.1; p.45, l.3/4)
  •  he is an art-dealer today (p.44, l.31)
  •  he is Nina’s lover
  •  travelling between Europe/USA
  •  “I am shapeless” (p.44, l.16)
  •  he was overweight, jet-lagged, unwashed, wears a well-worn suit (p.45,


-> ignorant, careless about his outward appearance, bad-tempered


  •  one of the (two) terrorists
  •  lives in the city of Hamburg
  •  his friends are strong Islamic
  •  he studies architecture and engineering (p.79, l.9)
  •  his girlfriend names Leyla (p.83, l.23)
  •  thinks sometimes of marrying her (p.82, l.19)
  •  flat on Marienstraße -> sharing with other students
  •  “Soldier in Saddam’s army” (p.77, l.12)
  •  in Florida for the terrorist training camp (flight training)
  •  is religious
  •  he adapts himself to the American lifestyle
  •  he creates hate of the people
  •  he misses friends and love

-> brainwashing

  •  he wants to fly the plane but he isn’t good enough
  •  forgets the world (p.228, l.1)
  •  they have a plastic to paradise (p.228, l.14-18)
  •  “This is your long wish, to die with your brothers” (p.228, l.3)
  •  “Every sin of your life is forgiven in the seconds to come. There is nothing

between you and eternal life in the seconds to come. You are wishing for

death and now it is hereDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...