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Today I´d like to talk about engineering in the Armamends industry.
This is a brief view on an industry, wich is very successful in business, highly
responsible for the future of the world, and therefore very often discussed.
Germany is playing a hugh role in the ranking of the worlds leading manufacturer of
I´d like to introduce you to some companies, like the german-french EADS and
Rheinmetall,Das vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...


1. Historie
2. Structure
a) Court
b) positions
c) rules
d) Scoring
3. Technique
a) Serve
b) Pass
c) Set
d) Attack
e) Block
4. Differences between Beach volleyball and Volleyball
My English presentation is about Volleyball because this is my favourite sport. I want to start
with the history, and then I’ll explain the structure of the game. After that I will talkDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park
Mesa Verde National Park contains the largest and most important archeological preservation
of Native American culture in the USA. The Anasazi or “ancient ones” populated this area
from 500 AD to 1300 AD.They originally occupied the tops of the mesas,wich provided some
natural protecion from their enemies.As their culture developed,the learned to build elaborate
fortified communal dwellings on sheltered niches in the cliffs.TheDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...


Good morning.
Today I will introduce to you one of the oldest Holidays that is celebrated on earth. It has got a very long history and I will try to tell you about it.
Halloween is celebrated in the evening on the 31. of October. The German name ‘Allerheiligen’ is translated into English ‘All Saints’ and the evening before is called ‘All Saints Eve’. Later this ‘All Saints Eve’ became to ‘All Hallowmas Eve’ and that was changed againDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

European Parliament

European Parliament

European Parliament, a branch of the governing body of the European Community (EC), an economic and political confederation of European nations, and other organizations (with the same member nations) that are responsible for a common foreign and security policy and for cooperation on justice and home affairs. It convenes on a monthly basis in Strasbourg, France; most meetings of the separate parliamentary committees are held in Brussels, Belgium, and its Secretariat is locatedDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy Kennedy in his early years – John was born on 29th may 1917 in Brookline/Massachusetts – With 13 years he visited the Catholic boarding-school in Canterbury – JFK was always weakly as a child, he had a weak back, allergies (Allergien), asthma, and later it got clear that he had the Addison disease – Then he should go to London School of Economics, but he had to stop studying, Family His father was Joseph P. Kennedy he got be rich by making risky speculations on the purse(Börse)and to sell with alcoholic drinks illegally in 1937 President Roosevelt made him the American ambassador (Botschafter) in England – JFK`s mother was Rose Fitzgerald she became nine children, four boys and five girls, John was the second one Military service (Militärdienst) At first Kennedy was a soldier in Pearl Habor – In one operation 1943 he served the life from some of his comrades (Kameraden), what made him a hero when he came back to the USA, because the New York Times printed this story in their paper his older brother died in 1944 as an airman (Flieger) – At last he became commander of a torpedo boat Kennedy`s way to become president – Short time later Kennedy won elections in Boston and moved to Washington in 1947 where he was in the House of Representatives (Haus von Vertretern) – 1953 JFK won the elections in Massachusetts and got senator for this state – Then he got re-elected as senator with a sensational result (73,6 % of votes) – In 1960 JFK run for president of the USA, and he had a very hard electoral battle with Richard M. Nixon – He won the elections just with lead of 0,1 %, Time as president – 1961 the wall was built in Germany, but JFK was not able to do anything, just to tell the population of Berlin that he would stay with them („Ich bin ein Berliner“) – In 1962 the Cuba crisis began, because the Sowjetunion installed medium-range missiles (Mittelstreckenraketen) in Cuba, but Kennedy achieved that the ships of the sowjets turned back and all missiles were taken off the island – Another thing John persuaded, was to give black people in the USA the same rights like white people had. That`s why he made a law of integration (Integrationsgesetz) The assassination (Attentat) – Kennedy wanted to run for president in 1964 and was therefore in Dallas to collect votes – On 22nd of November in 1963 at 12.30 o´clock Kennedy was shot and at 13.00 o´clock his death was noticed – But there are many contradictory thesis, who killed JFK for real, but till today the murder had not been cleared up – In 1940 JFK wrote the book „Why England Slept“, which became a best seller


Aborigines live close together with the nature. They have strange rules in
terms of the nature.
Before white people came to Australia the Aborigines lived at the east
cost and in the outback of the country.
At this time the Aborigines lived in communities of 500 people. There
were often wars between them.
Some facts about their religion:
Most Aborigines have the same religion. It is based on legends of the
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Today I want to invite you on a journey to London. London has 7 million inhabitants
and is the capital of the United Kingdom. The climate is mild and damp and the
weather is generally cloudy and foggy.
Now I will tell you something about the history of London.
500.000 years ago was the valley of the Thames homeland of many stalling hunter
and gatherer but prime the Romans settled big and fortified colonies. 43 years after
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Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton
Mischa Barton was born in London, but moved to NYC when she was 4 years old. Her father is English and her mother is Irish. She has two sisters, Hania and Zoe.
Mischa began acting at age 9 in New York Theatre with a main role in Slavs!. After that she then took part in many plays, in one she even took the lead role, James Lapine’s Twelve Dreams. Mischa graduated from the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan in 2004. She said that afterDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Animals in the Austrian forests

Animals in the Austrian forests
I choose this topic because I am a hunter und so I like all animals especially the animals in the forest.
It is very interesting to look at the animals which are living in the nature and in freedom. When I sit on
a stand during the birds are singing and I wait for animals for me this is the time when I can relax.
At first I will start with the classification about the animals.
1.) Hoofed animals (Schalenwild)
TheDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...