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History of Internet

A summary of the history
The USSR launches Sputnik, the first artificial earth satellite. In response,the United States forms the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) within the Department of Defense (DoD) to establish US lead in science and technology applicable to the military.
RAND Paul Baran, of the RAND Corporation (a government agency), was commissioned by the U.S. Air Force to do a study on how it could maintain its command and control over its missilesDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

History of America

The history of America
The first Americans came 1620 as pilgrims with the ship „Mayflower” to the American continent.
They were 102 men, women and children. They sailed 14 weeks from England. In North America they wanted to start a new colony where they could practice their religion freely, because in England people’s lifes were often in danger, if they had different religions. During the trip most of them died. The Indians helped them to grow food.
After the first winterDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King
A Freedom Fighter

•General facts
•His education
•“I have a dream“
•Citations to “I have a dream“

General facts
•Born: 15th of January 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia
•Wedding to Coretta Scott since 18th June 1953
•Death: 4th of April 1968 in Memphis, been assassinated
•Was an American bapist minister
•Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 for his peaceful work against racism and poverty
•One of the mostDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Stylistic devices

Stylistic devices
– simile comparison with “like”/ “as” -> “he’s like a lion”
– metaphor equation of concrete idea with abstract term -> “he’s a lion”
– symbol object stands for itself and abstract idea -> “Statue of Liberty”
– personification term is given human attributes -> “mother earth”
– alliteration repetition of consonantsDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...

Nelson Mandela

Name: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Birth: 18th July 1918
Place of Birth: Umtata, Transkeie
President of South Africa from 10th May 1994
He got an apprentice in a methodistic boarding school in Heraldstown. In 1964 he got locked up lifelong because of disquiet. He came into a prison in Robben Island where the discrimination of black people was a big problem. They were treated like animals while the white prisoners were treated much better. In 1988 Mandela came again in prison.
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London is a famous metropolis and a very cultural city. It has many boroughs. All boroughs have its own atmosphere: e.g. the quarter West End, Chelsea, or Soho. In London you can see a lot of monuments, museums, castles, parks, first class theatres and operas with famous orchestras, shopping streets, pubs and markets. Very famous is the British Museum, the Tate Gallery, the wax museum of Madame Tussaud, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben and the Changing of the Guards. MostDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...


Referat – Immigration in America
In Germany (before crossing the Atlantic)
Hello, my name is Otto Schulz. I was born in 3th September 1883 in Germany. My Parents are
very ordinary people and they have six children, including me. After I finished school, I made
an apprentice as a shoemaker in Bartniki for three years from 1902 to 1905. I’ve worked two
years after my apprentice, but you have to work very hard, because trade jobsDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...


The novel „Holes“ by Louis Sachar is about a 15 years old boy from California who’s name is Stanley Yelnats and who has to go innocent to Camp Green Lake.
Camp Green Lake is in Texas and is a camp for bad boys. That’s where Stanley Yelnats has to go because he’s convicted in a crime he hasn’t done. He thinks that his being at the camp is just part of the curse that has plagued his family for generations.
At Camp Green Lake the bad boys haveDas vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...


1. indirect/reported speech
present -> past
present perfect -> past perfect
past perfect -> past perfect
past -> past perfect
present progressive -> past progressive
past progressive -> past perfect progressive
future: will -> would; may -> might, shall -> sould; can -> could
personal pronouns: I -> he, she
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What is franchising
„partnership for profit“
Franchising is a model of doing business with a proofed business concept.
The franchiser owns its own corporation, but you will do business as a licensee of the franchisor.
On the other hand you are in a network and be able to get professional advice and support.
How are the benefits of franchising?
You have your own business under your own control.
The risk is limited,Das vollständige Referat   weiterlesen...