The World State

The World State
– the motto of the World State in Brave New World is “community, identity and
stability” and most of the things done by the government are on the basis of those
three terms
– community is seen as a result of identity and stability and it is also achieved through a
“religion” that encourages people to achieve solidarity through sexual orgies
– community is also made up by organizing the life of the citizens in such a perfect way
that a person is almost never alone and has to conform to the masses
– identity in the novel is mostly a result of genetic engineering
– the state uses hypnopaedia and behaviourism to condition its citizens and to give them
an identity that is desirable – at least to the state
– the society in the novel is divided into five classes and into hereditary social groups
and the state also influences the identity of its citizens by teaching them conformity
– whoever feels different in Brave New World (like Bernard Marx or John, the savage)
is almost immediately made to feel like an outsider and strongly criticized by other
– one can say that the state’s motto is completely incompatible with individual freedom
– no room for individual thinking or freedom in the society, nobody can ever be alone
and, since people only do what they are conditioned to do, they do not even think
about individual freedom – in fact, they hardly think on their own at all. ->dystopia
– the entire society in the novel is organized to ensure stability
– it is divided into a caste system and the government tries by all means to keep its
people happy
– the cloning system assures stability because genetically identical “individuals” are less
likely to come into conflict with each other or the system
– stability novel means minimizing risk, conflict and most of all change
– the World Controllers try desperately to avoid any kind of change because they
believe that change undermines stability
The artificial production of humans in BNW
(1) operation (ovary)
(2) preserving ovary
(3) eggs held in liquid
(4) liquid drawn of
(5) eggs examined
(6) eggs dipped into liquid => fertilized eggs
(7) eggs put back into incubators
(8) Bokanovsky’s process => (fictional process/ makes fertilized human eggs split into
identical genetic copies of the original/ process can be repeated several times up to the
maximum of 96 times/ process is not applied to embryos of the Alpha and Beta classes
of humans/ it is reserved for the Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon classes)

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