Sydney is a city in Australia and the capital of New South Wales. It’s the biggest city in Australia. It was the first british colony in Australia. There are lots of universities, museums and galeries.
Sydney is located in the east of Australia on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The Port Jackson is the world biggest natural port and it’s 19 km long. The city is located on two geographic regions. In the west and the south of Sydney it is the Cumberlaind Plain, in the north the hills of the Hornsby Plateau.
Sydney has a temperate climate with warm summers and cool winters. The weather is moderated by the ocean. The warmest month in January and the coldest month is July.
After the discovery of Australia by Captain James Cook began the white settlement. The First Fleet consisted of 11 ships in 1799 landed on the east coast. The Botany Bay was originally the goal, but ultimately thee decision was made on a place, whre the Jackson Port is now. The day of arrival wasthe 26th of January and it is now the Nacional Day, the Australian Day.
the First Fleet
1850 there was built the first university of Australia: the Univerity of Sydney. Now there are also the University of New South Wales and many others. These universities are the two best of Australia. In the University od Sydney there is the most important library, the Library of the Univerity of New South Wales. In Sydney there are also more then 900 private schools.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge
One of the word longest bridges.
The Sydney Tower
The tower is 305 m high.
The Sydney Opera House
The Sydney Opera House is one of the most famus buildings of the 20th Century and the emblem of Sydney.
There are five Theaters: The Concert Hall, the Opera Theater, the Drama Theater, the Playhouse and the Studio Theater. There are also a cinema, four restaurants and six bars.

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