Stylistic devices

Stylistic devices
– simile comparison with “like”/ “as” -> “he’s like a lion”
– metaphor equation of concrete idea with abstract term -> “he’s a lion”
– symbol object stands for itself and abstract idea -> “Statue of Liberty”
– personification term is given human attributes -> “mother earth”
– alliteration repetition of consonants -> “in bars, blocks and beams”
– assonance repetition of vowels -> “Green Street Green”
– parallelism repetition of terms -> “it was …, it was …, it was …”
– contrast opposing ideas -> “paradise’s loss is our gain”
– irony saying the opposite of what is meant -> “their aim, the
production of an average Englishmen, succeeded”
– hyperbole exaggeration “the king of Rock’n’Roll”
– pun playing with words, definitions
– sarcasm more aggressive than irony
– satire making jokes about things to show how silly they are
Persuasive style
– including the reader: we, us
– naming facts, own experiences, examples
Language formal style
– speech level: standard English (written)
– long forms
– precise (scientific) vocabulary
– special terms
– complex sentences
– addressed to educated readers
– respectful tone
informal style
– colloquial, oral language
– speech level: slang, vulgar
– aquainted with the opponent -> personal communication
– incomplete vocabulary, sentences -> ellipsis
– short forms
– ignorance of grammar rules
– leasy structure
– irony, sarcasm

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