Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal was born in Lansing – Michigan on 10 April 1951. His mother was a nurse and his father was a teacher. The family moved to Fullerton when he was five. His interest in martial arts started at the age of five. He was suffering from asthma when he was a child. When the family moved to California the weather there helped him cure.
He worked in Burger King, as he was a student at the high school. He started to play the guitar in 1960. Steven Seagal, one of the world’s most popular motion picture actors, hasn’t finished surprising us yet! “Songs from the Crystal Cave” is a true gift to us. His love for music, and especially American Black Music, has grown together with his passion for the guitar, which he has been playing since the age of 14.
As a “blues fan”, Steven Seagal admires and has been inspired by some of the greatest musicians ever, such as Curtis Mayfield, Lightning Hopkins, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King or Robert Johnson. Mixed with world music’s strong influence, his “blues world” compositions appear as natural, subtle, and authentic.
1968 was his first visited Japan.
As he grew up he went to Japan and there he had the chance to study martial arts and to learn about their philosophy. He especially worked on Buddhism and Zen. Learned the languages of the Far East and started to read and write in these languages. He married Miyako Fujitani in Japan in 1975. Also the same year he became the first foreigner who opened a Dojo in Japan. He lives 15 years there.
He received the name „Shigemichi Take“ (Pathway to Prosperity) in the Aikido World. He has been almost every place in the Far East. It is said that he used to work for CIA in those days but there is no confirmation. He visited USA for a couple of times during those years. In 1982 he opened a school on Martial Arts at West Hollywood called “TenShin Dojo”. Besides he made the choreography of martial arts in many of the Hollywood Films. He met with Mike Ovitz who became his manager later, which opened a new page in his life… Hollywood. His career as an actor started with a spectacular film called “Nico – Above the Law”. A big number of people watched the film in Los Angeles. The movie fans met this handsome huge man with a different charisma and his ponytail in enthusiasm and film did very good in the box-office. Settled in the United States, Steven Seagal is abroad about 9 months per year, though. His travels have led him to play onstage and record with some of the finest blues musicians, among others: Rock Burton, Léon Russel, TaJ Mahal, Richie Sambora or Delbert Mac Linton. He has also toured with members of the legendary rock group The Band. Travelling so much and meeting so many people has strongly influenced his music. His faith in Buddhism: “Music is the language of the divine. (…) I believe one can experience complete realization and liberation though sight and sound.” contrasts spectacularly with his actor roles, and brings Steven Seagal’s album an emotional and delicate side. It took the artist about 5 years to complete „Songs from the Crystal Cave“. Steven Seagal being a perfectionist, some of the tracks have been produced by Ric Wake (Shakira, Céline Dion). Jamaican DJ’s Lt. Stitchie, Tony Rebel and Lady Saw (who appeared on No Doubt’s « Underneath it all » into a worldwide hit) reinforce the album’s power with their ragga-dancehall dynamic.
The exceptional collaboration of Stevie Wonder on « My God », on which he furiously
delivers an amazing harmonica solo, adds some magic to the album and to Steven Seagal’s
velvet voice.
These 14 tracks show us Steven Seagal as he has never been seen. The overwhelming
reaction of the public (and media) to the album leaves no doubt that Steven Seagal is a
consummate musician, a true sensitive, open-minded, honest artist, whose musical career is
just starting.
He has done the Martial Arts Choreography of the James
Bond Movie „Never Say Never Again“.
Broke Sean Connery’s wrist when he was teaching him Martial Arts for the film „Never Say
Never Again“ (1983).Also Served as Martial Arts coordinator for the feature film,
„The Challenge“ (1982) He does his hands over his stomach
It is said that in his early years in the movies, he used to pay more to the stunts to have a
real fight for sake of more realistic films.
During the filming of the Exit Wounds Seagal was supposed to jump over a car. He did not
want to use a stunt and jumped
over the car where he injured the left knee very seriously. He had an operation and he is
still suffering from that injury as he walks.
He uses mostly semi-automatic gun; brand Colt M1911-45.
In his films he often changes the cartridge as per the capacity of the weapon he uses and
lets the viewer to see this.
He owns several in his private collection. Seagal has received personal tactical training from
Ken Turnupseed, world-renowned pistol expert.
He has a wide range of Gun, Knife and Sword-„Katana“ (Japanese Samurai Sword) collections.
He plays guitar and he is good in it. He has a Vintage guitar collection in his house with
guitars of some important musicians like Jimmy Hendrix.
Steven Seagal also collects Tibetan Buddhas.
Steven Seagal writes songs (lyrics & compose).
He used some of his songs in films like Fire down Below, Glimmer Man and Ticker. Lately he
collected his songs in a CD called “Songs from the Crystal Cave” which is now sold at
many music markets.
Began music career with concert at the Dallas Planet Hollywood
He speaks fluent Japanese and writes calligraphically.
He often promotes his films by granting Japanese language interviews for television in
Has appeared in several television commercials in Japan, most notably promoting his
aftershave Scent of Action,
in which he speaks in Japanese and English.
Steven Seagal is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist. In 1997, one of his teachers and his Holiness
Leader, HH.Penor Rinpoche, gave him this name as he proclaimed him a tulku, a reincarnation
of a Tibetan lama, the Treasure Revealer of Palyul Monastery
Certainly he believes in reincarnation. In Tibet they call him “Rinponche“ which means holy
and selected person. He is a friend with H.H.Dalai Lama and they work on projects like
liberation of Tibet.Was given an honorary degree in philosophy from the University of
Strathclyde (Glasgow – Scotland) in 2003 and was inducted into the Team Tuesday Hall of
fame. He likes peace, humanity, nature and animals. He is usually involved in programs on Preservation of nature and wild life. Steven Seagal is an active member of PETA (PEOPLE FOR THE ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS) apart from his children his only real love is his dogs. He has too many dogs in his house and his dogs’ travels with him. He is one of the living masters of Martial Arts (Aikido 7th Dan) Master of Japanese Kendo
Steven Seagal is a tender hearted and unpretentious person. He cares about his family and children. And lives a peaceful life.
Finally, Steven Seagal Nicknamed „The Great One“ by some movie fans.
On the IMDB, he is also referred to as
„Lord Steven.“
But I added this as well!

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