Robben Island

Robben Island is a former prison-island in front of the Atlantic Coast of South Africa. It is also known as Devil’s Island and has an area from 547 hectares. Already in the 16th Century, the island was used as a convict-colony. It was considered escapeproof, because of the large distance to the country and the cold waters. In 1961 on Robben Island was built the notorioust prison of South Afrika. Between 1961 and 1991, over three thousand men were incarcerated here as political prisoners, often for decades, conditions were in the first few years very hard. The prisoners had to work hard in the quarry, had not much clothes and had to sleep on the cold floor. 1971 the prisoners striked and protested, so the conditions have been better. Robben Island is today a National Memorial and a museum. It is a natural habitat for antelopes, seals and penguins also nest here the largest compony of gulls in the southern hemisphere.

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