Nelson Mandela

Name: Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela
Birth: 18th July 1918
Place of Birth: Umtata, Transkeie
President of South Africa from 10th May 1994
He got an apprentice in a methodistic boarding school in Heraldstown. In 1964 he got locked up lifelong because of disquiet. He came into a prison in Robben Island where the discrimination of black people was a big problem. They were treated like animals while the white prisoners were treated much better. In 1988 Mandela came again in prison.
When he became the president of South Africa he built a government, the GNU (Government of National Unity). The GNU wanted to reduce the difference between poor and rich people and mainly that between white and black South Africans. Because of Nelson Mandela black people in South Africa finally had rights like the whites. After his release South African athletes were allowed to be on international tournaments.

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