My son the fanatic? – Caught between cultures


England, Bristol


Point of View

limited point of view (Parvez), omniscient narrator


Parvez – father, taxi driver, doesn´t understand what is wrong with Ali, doesn´t follow the Qu´ran, protagonist, first generation immigrant, loves western habits, loves his family, Pakistani. Ali – son of Parvez, religious boy, 2nd generation immigrant, he sticks to the Qu´ran, was good in school and had very western habits. he changed his behaviour very drastic, very pious. Bettina – best friend of Parvez, prostitute, tries to help Parvez with his son. Taxi drivers – try to help Parvez to find reasons for Alis change.


Exposition – Ali has changed his behaviour. Parvez tries to find the reasons. Conflict/ Rising action – Parvez attempts to find an explanation for Alis behaviour. Climax – Revelation of Alis change. Resolution – eskalation, eruption of violence of Parvez against Ali –> open end (Who is the fanatic?)


  • Father-son conflict
  • Islamic fundamentalism
  • Islamic Immigrants
  • Question of Britishness
  • dash of cultures

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