Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson
Today I give you a presentation about Michael Jackson. This is Michael.
Michael Jackson was the eighth of 10 children. He was born in Gary
(Indiana) in August 1958.
Everybody knows him as an famous American singer, composer, dancer
and entertainer. He has sold more than 750 million records worldwide,
and became one of the most successful musician in the history of pop
music. That`s why he is called the „King of Pop“.
His father, Joseph Jackson, took care about the musical future of his
Children. In 1964 he founded the trio „The Jackson Brothers“, which were
Renamed to the „The Jackson Five“ in 1966. The five members were
Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson.
Five year later in the age of 13, Michael began a solo career with many
top 10 hits. In November 1982 Michael had the breakthrough with
his album Thriller. Currently Thriller is the best-selling album worldwide.
It was sold more than 109 million times.
Well known features of Michael Jackson were a white glitter-glove,
the grip in the step, white socks, his black hat and the so-called
Moonwalk. 12 times Michael won the Grammy Award, eight of them for
the album „Thriller.“ Moreover he got a Grammy for the music video
smooth criminal. The U.S. President George Bush met Michael Jackson in
1990 at the White House in Washington. He distinguished him as the
entertainer of the decade.
After this success he had many top-songs, for example: Billy Jean, Beat
It, They care about us now, black or white, Scream, Bad, We are the
world, Dirty Diana. Michael was married twice. First time with Lisa Marie Presley (from 1994
to 1995) and the second time with Deborah Jeanne Rowe (1996 to 1999).
At the end of 1970 Michael had a cosmetic surgery. But that was not the
last one. Many surgeries followed. Michael said in an interview that
he had two operations on his nose and one on his chin.
Moreover it is assumed that Michael lightened his skin-color.
In March 2009 Michael announced in a Press Conference 10 Farewell
concerts. But they didn`t take place because Michael died on 25 of June
2009 in the age of 50 years. He died on an overdose of tablets.
Instead of the concerts, they made a movie about the planned concerts
called the film „This Is It“. This movie is the most successful concert-
movie of all time.

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