Michael Jackson

• Childhood:
Michael Jackson had a very difficult childhood. What was normal for other children, was not normal for him.
– His Birth: He was born 29th of August, 1958 in Gary (Indiana).
– Early talent: Jackson already taken up as a 5-year-old boy in the 1970s in the popular tape „The Jackson 5“. Michael Jackson had sold more than 1,500 million records with „Jackson 5“.Their father was very strict. He treated the boys had to rehearse the boys with the boys so often as possible. The worked very hard and they were teased even by the neighbouring children because they had no freedom and never played with them. Their father Joseph Jackson, did everthing to make his sons to stars and get them out of the ghetto. They sometimes had to get up early aroud 2 o’clock in the morning to go on an event. Their father forced them formally to it. At that time Michael Jackson was 8 years. He had slept and heard often the voice of his father: „Get up we have an appearance“.
– The childhood in his Family : If he didn´t not sprint, he was beaten with the belt. Their father educated his children without love. His only aim was to see the band „on stage“. „He has stolen the childhood from me“, complained Jackson. He found only in the death a late revenge. „My father has made fun of me, and I have hated this. I have cried every day“, told the mega star in 1993 about his youth. „He was very strict, very hard, very strict…. Many times, I have felt sick if he came to me. I had to vomit.“
• Prices
major awards :
– 1984: He won the most Grammy awards at one Event ( 8 awards )
– 2000: World Music Award „best selling male pop artist of the century“
– Novermber 2002: got the Bambie in Berlin for his life’s work „greatest linving
pop icon)
– 27 May 2006: „MTV Video Music Award“ in Tokio he got a Legend Award
– 15. November 2006: „MTV Video Music Award“ in London he got a Diamond Award
(because he sold 100 million albums)
– 30. December 2006: he got the „Godfather of soul“ -Award
He was awarded with total of 66 different Awards.
• Foundations
– Charity single for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina in New orleans :
In October and November 2005, according to his own testimony Jackson worked with many renowned artists in London and Los Angeles at a charity single for the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, which was never released.
– „Heal The World“ :
Michael Jackson founded the Foundation „Heal The World“ in 2002 (as a foundation seat was removed from the state of California) because they had no tax returns and supporting documentation handed in more charitable activities. The Heal The World endowment supported school education and paediatrics projects, emergency relief with hunger disasters, and supported drugs and child abuse campaigns. At the beginning war to affected areas of Donation actions was carried out above all in from Bosnia. The Heal The World foundation carried out child congresses in different countries to discuss problems and solutions with them. Michael Jackson even true presumably the financially strongest donator of his own endowment. In the end of the 90s it became quieter around the organisation, tacitly it was found in 2002 inactive.
Social activities:
Michael made a donation in his life more than 50 million dollars to good purposes. According to Guinness book of the records Michael is the musician, the mostly Charity organisations support has. Particularly for educational possibilities and medical care he exerted himself. Here some organisations he supports: The United Negro college finding, Childhelp the USA, Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation, The Carter Center’s Atlanta Project, AIDS Project L.A., Make-A-Wish foundation, TransAfrica, The Congressional Black Caucus foundation, the Brothman Burn centre, cities and Schools Scholarship finding, Children’s institutes Internationally, and Juvenile diabetes foundation.
For his Commitment in social activities get he 2002 the Bambie for his life´s work. The revenue from his „dangerous“- Worldtournee dispense he compline for social activities. for the establishment he got a entry into the „Guinness-book of Rekords. For the social activities for child´s and teeneger get Michael Jackson in the year 1992 and 2003 was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
– Most successful entertainer of all time
– Youngest singer who is in the top ten of the single-charts
– The first singer who got in on the number one U.S. chart
– Most weeks in the Top Ten of the U.S. album charts („Thriller“ – 37 Weeks)
– The most successful music video of all time ( „Thriller“)
– First entertainer who earned more than 100 million U.S. dollars per year
– Highest-entertainers of all time
– First entertainer who has sold more than 100 million albums outside the U.S.
• Music
The most important solo results:
– In 1971 solo album: „Got to be there“
– In 1972: „Rockin’Robin“
– In 1973 solo album: „Ben“
– In 1979 solo album: „Out of vision the flow“ this solo album he sold about 20 millions times
– In 1982 album: With it he put „thriller“ new graduations, it went in different ones
Music directions he developed with it quite a new music style. It counts to the mostly sold albums of all times and it brahcte to him many honourings. He made a video this of name „Horror clip“ the first video of a black artist was in the Playlist of MTV has been taken up and it was the mostly sold music video.
– In 1980 Best of all of album: „Mowtown Soperstars Series, Vol.7“
– In 1981 album: „One Day in your life“ (album with old admissions)
– In 1983 Best of all of album: „18 greatest hits“ (with Jackson 5)
– In 1984 album: „Farewell micron of buzzer Love“ (album with old admissions)
– In 1986 Best of all of album: „Looking back to yesterday“
– In 1986 double album: „Ben/Got to be there“
– In 1986 Best of all of album: „Anthology“
– In 1987 Best of all of album: „Love of songs“ (with Diana Ross)
– In 1988 Best of all of album: „Instrumental version Collection“
– In 1990 Best of all of album: „Motown of laying“
– 1991 Remix album: „Remix collection“
– In 1992 Best of all of album: „Tour souvenier stack“
– In 1992 Best of all of album: „Single of box“ (4 CD’s)
– 1993 Remix album: „Dangerous“ – The Remix Collection
– In 1993 Best of all of album: „Rocking of Robin“
– In 1995 Best of all of album: „Antology“
– In 1996 Best of all of album: „Michael Jackson’s story“
– In 1997 mix: „Blood on the Dance Floor History in the Mix“
– In 1997 Best of all of album: „The Best of all of Michael Jackson with the Jackson 5“
– In 1999 Best of all of album: „Early classics“ (with the Jackson 5)
– In 2000 Best of all of album: „Milanium Collection The Best of all of Michael Jackson“
– In 2001 Best of all of album: „Universally masters Collection“
– 2001 Special edition: „Thriller“ The republication occurred with bonus tracks. This was it
bestverkaufte album (108 millions sold sound carriers)
The Singel „Ben“ was his first Nr.1 hit. He got for it the Golden-Globe Award and became a nominated for the Oscar.
– In 1989: if he separated from his manager „Frank De Leo“. Since 1994 has contributed a lot to his career he spread many various rumours about Michael Jackson.
– Michael Jackson he also separated from „Grinsi Johns“ with the albums „of Serwall“, „thriller“ and „bath“ produced.
– Michael Jackson turned also Movies, one of it is „Capten eyo“, it was a Disney Movie and he went
more than 170 minutes.
Concert :
– 7. + 10. Septermber 2001: He gave a concert in new york, at its 30 th anniversary
celebration stage (with Britney Spears, Usher, even with the jackson 5, etc.)
– In 1996: Album History – in addition there was an opening concert in Prague with 150 spectators.

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