Our Projects in class
Lincoln Center: The Lincoln Center is a group of buildings near
the Central Park. In these buildings, for example theatres, concert hells or a
Metropolitan Opera.
Broadway: Broadway is a 25km long street, which was an old Indian path. It
runs from the south to the Bronx and is an important street with many department
stores and other shops.
Fifth Avenue: The Fifth Avenue is an important street, too. It runs
from the south to the north and divides Manhattan into East and West side. Also
there are many
famous stores, like Carter’s and Tiffany’s.
Central Park: The Central Park is a 3.4 sqkm big Park in the middle
in Manhattan. There are many things to do and around it in the famous apartments
live usually famous people. Also, there is a zoo, many gardens, athletic fields and a
outdoor theatre. On top of that there are many lakes. Of course then a boat tour can
be made.

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