Liebe / Love (Englisch Referat)

Love is very important in our lives and there are many different types of love. Your friends can love you , your parents can love you and also your partners can love you. Love is a big word.

Everybody has the first childhood love or the first real love. We use this word very often in a day ,but do we know the real meaning of love? I think we all should think about it and in what different and sometimes wrong ways we are using the word love. If we really love someone or something we should feel it. We shouldn’t use it to much because then the real meaning of love goes away. During this assignment I read 2 textes and watched one movie all with the broad theme of love. My first text was a novel called „Sense and Sensibility“written by Jane Austen this novel was set in the 1800’s.

The novel is about Elinore and Marianne who are two daughters of Mr Dashwood by his second wife. They have a younger sister, Margret and an older half-brother named John. Elinore and Marianne are two totally different characters. While Elinor is thoughtful, considerate, and calm, her younger sister is emotional and wildly romantic. Both are looking for a husband, but neither Elinor’s reason nor Marianne’s passion can lead them to perfect happiness.

When their father dies the family estate passed to John. This leaves his second wife and three daughters, at the mercy of John and his selfish wife Fanny. Treated as unwelcome guests the Dashwood women begin looking for another place to live. During this time Elinor grows attached to Fanny’s brother Edward Ferrars an unassuming and intelligent young man.

Mother and her daughters feel the need to move away to live at their distant cousin’s property. Also staying at the property are two friends of Sir John’s, Mrs. Jennings and Colonel Brandon .The gossipy Mrs. Jennings decides that Colonel Brandon must be in love with Marianne and teases them about this. Marianne is displeased, she considers Colonel Brandon at age thirty-five to be an old bachelor and not somebody capable of falling in love or inspiring love in anyone else. Marianne runs away and gets rescued by Mr Willoughby who carries her home and wins her admiration. Mr Willoughby visits Marianne every day and Elinore and Mrs Dashwood begin to suspect that the couple has secretly become engaged.

Meanwhile Edward Ferrars visits the Dashwood women at their new home, but he seems unhappy and is distant towards Elinor. She fears that he no longer has feelings for her. Shortly afterwards Anne and Lucy Steele, cousins of Lady Middleton come to stay at Barton Park. Sir John tells Lucy that Elinor is attached to Edward, prompting Lucy to inform Elinor that she (Lucy) has been secretly engaged to Edward for four years. Although Elinor initially blames Edward for engaging her affections when he was not free to do so she realizes that he became engaged to Lucy while he was young and naïve. She understands that Edward does not love Lucy, but that he will not hurt or dishonour her by breaking their engagement. Elinor hides her disappointment and works to convince Lucy that she feels nothing for Edward. This is particularly hard as she sees that Lucy is not in love with Edward and that she will only make him unhappy.

Elinor and Marianne spend the winter at Mrs. Jennings‘ home in London. Marianne’s letters to Willoughby go unanswered and he treats her coldly when he sees her at a party. He later sends Marianne a letter enclosing their former correspondence and love characters including a lock of her hair and informing her that he is engaged to a Miss Grey a very wealthy and high-born woman. Marianne admits to Elinor that she and Willoughby were never engaged, but that she loved him and he led her to believe that he loved her.

The sisters finished their winter stay in London and begin their return trip to Barton via Cleveland the country estate of Mrs. Jennings‘ son-in-law, Mr Palmer. There Marianne, miserable over Willoughby allows her depression to take complete hold of her and soon becomes very ill. Mr Palmer and his family are advised to leave the house in case the fever is infectious. As Marianne conditions worsens Colonel Brandon goes to get her mother. Willoughby arrives and tells Elinor that he decided to marry the wealthy Miss Grey. He says that he still loves Marianne and seeks her forgiveness but has poor excuses for his selfish actions. Meanwhile Colonel Brandon tells Mrs. Dashwood that he loves Marianne. Marianne recovers and the Dashwoods return to Barton Cottage. Elinor tells Marianne about Willoughby’s visit. Marianne admits that although she loved Willoughby, she could not have been happy in a marriage to him. Marianne also realizes that her illness was brought on by her wallowing in her grief and that, had she died, it would have been morally equivalent to suicide.

The family learns that Lucy has married Mr. Ferrars. When Mrs. Dashwood sees how upset Elinor is she finally realizes how strong Elinor’s feelings for Edward are and is sorry that she did not pay more attention to her unhappiness. However, the very next day Edward arrives and reveals that it was his brother, Robert Ferrars who married Lucy and Edward and Elinor finally marry. Mr. Willoughby has finally realized that his marriage to a woman of good character has redeemed him. Though he realizes that by marrying Marianne he would have produced the same effect and had he behaved honestly to himself, he could have had both love and money and in not doing so „his punishment was complete“.

Sense and Sensibility teaches that true love requires a balance of reason and emotion.

My second text was a play called Strictly Ballroom written by Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce. Strictly Ballroom is a play about dance competitions and romance. Scott Hastings,the main character, has danced since he was 6 years old. He is now 22 year old and is on his way to be the next Pan Pacific Grand Prix champion. His mother owns a dancing studio where Scott and his dancing partner for 15 years , Liz Hold have training every day. At the last competition Scott starts dancing steps he made up by hisself. A scandal for the rest of the family and friends, even for his dancing partner. Liz doesn’t want to dance with Scott anymore. Only one person can understand him, Fran.

Fran is an awkward and shy character. She has danced for 2 years with a women as partner. She practises with Scott his own steps and they work. They dance for hours, but nobody can know that they dancing together. Scott learns a dance called pasodoble from Frans parents and they learn to dance perfectly together. Meanwhile Scott’s mother tries to find a new partner for him as she doesn’t realize that he has been practising with Fran. Scott’s mother was hopeless in finding a new partner till the day of the competition. Tina Sparkle, current Pan Pacific champion wants to dance with him. He didn’t want to dance with Tina untill he found out from a friend of his father’s that his father was in this competition years ago and he also danced his own steps. His father lost the competition and spent years disheartened towards the dance competitions. So Scott changed his mind and danced with Tina to finish the dreams of his father.

Between two dances Scott’s father told him that he never danced on a competition. So Scott stops everything and searched for Fran to finish the competition with her. He didn’t need a long time to convince her to dance with him. So they started dancing the Pasodoble on stage. The dance of love. The music was stopped by the judges and Scott and Fran were suspended from the competition … but they didn’t leave the floor. One person started was Scotts father. After a while Fran’s family starts clapping to and more people till the whole hall was clapping and Fran and Scott carried on their dance. The music also restarts playing. After the music finishes Fran and Scott kiss and the music „love is in the air“ starts playing and this is the end of the play.

Strictly Ballroom shows us that even if at the beginning when someone or something seems impossible for you with the right person on your side you can achieve anything.


The third part of my Oral deals with the movie „Pride and Prejudice“ based on the same named novel by Jane Austen.

The story is set at the turn of the 19th century in rural England. The Bennet family composed of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters – Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia . They live in a poor rural working farm. As their farm is destined to be inherited by Mr. Bennet’s cousin, Mr. Collins, Mrs. Bennet is worried to marry off her five daughters before Mr. Bennet dies. However, Elizabeth is convinced that she will never marry unless she is compelled by true love.

Mr. Bingley a wealthy bachelor who has recently moved into Netherfield a large house in the neighborhood is introduced to local society at an assembly ball, along with his snotty sister Caroline and reserved friend Mr. Darcy. Bingley is fascinated with the gentle and beautiful Jane, while Elizabeth takes an instant dislike to Darcy after he coldly rebuffs her attempts at conversation and she overhears him describe her as „not handsome enough to tempt me.“ When Jane becomes sick on a visit to Bingley’s house, Elizabeth goes to stay with her and verbally spars with Caroline and Darcy.

Later the Bennets are visited by Mr. Collins a snobbish minister. Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth, but she refuses him despite her mother’s hysterics but with the support of her father. Bingley unexpectedly returns to London and Elizabeth is later shocked to learn that her sister Charlotte will marry Mr. Collins to gain financial security.

When Bingley and Darcy return to Netherfield Jane accepts Bingley’s proposal of marriage. That same evening, Lady Catherine pays Elizabeth a surprise visit and insists that Elizabeth renounce Darcy as he will marry her own daughter, Anne.

Elizabeth refuses and unable to sleep she goes walking on the moors at dawn. She meets Darcy who has also been unable to sleep after hearing of his aunt’s behavior. He admits his continued love and Elizabeth accepts his second proposal. Mr Bennet gives his agreement after Elizabeth assures him of her love to Darcy.

This play showed me how different the people in the past dealed with love. For the most of them love wasn’t important and people who believed in love were considered as strange. The only reason to marry someone was for financial security. Today no one would marry someone for financial security. People marry because they love each other and they want to share their whole life together. You might think oh my god it’s typical for a girl to talk like this or maybe you think that I’m a bit old fashioned and romantic. But i believe that everybody can find the one person who makes you laugh without any words; Someone who you can miss at any time. I believe everyone can find a person who you think about the whole day with whom you can talk about everything. Someone with whom you can have fun or also can fight. I believe everyone will find their true love. Nobody is perfect…but if you find your true love than you have found a person who is perfect for you!!!

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