I think everybody has heard about Lamborghini, but hardly anyone knows a lot about
it. That’s why I’d like to tell you something about this famous company.
At first I tell you something of the history.
At second I say what this company really is.
And I want to finish my presentation with the products of Lamborghini.
The History
The roots of Lamborghini go back to Ferruccio Lamborghini [You can see him here].
He created his company in the year 1948 to produce tractors. 16 years later he
increased the company. Now he builds also sport cars. There is a story that
Ferruccio Lamborghini bought in this year a new Ferrari, but he wasn’t happy about
this car and than he build his own one. So is the new company, the automobile-
Lamborghini developed.
In the year 1972 got the company into large economic troubles.
Lamborghini need to sell the part of tractor to another company. The part of the sport
cars changed hands in 30 years 7 times. Today the car brand is a part of Audi and
the tractors are producing by a German company.
As I indicated, I want to tell you, What Lamborghini really is.
Lamborghini is an Italian car and tractor brand, which produces sports cars and
tractors in small series. Master Seat of the company is Sant’Agata in Italy. Today
work more then 700 people in the company.
The symbol
The symbol of Lamborghini is very special.
[When you look on this picture you can see it. It shows a bull on a black ground.] The
reason why Lamborghini chose exactly a bull is really easy. He searched an animal,
which shows a lot of strongness, because his cars have a lot of power. And so get a
bull the emblem of this very famous company.
At least I come now to the products of Lamborghini.
The Products
At first some Information’s about the producing of Tractors
The producing of tractors was a small success for Ferruccio Lamborghini. But shortly
after must he sell the part of the tractors, because that business wasn’t lucrative for
them. Today the tractors will be produce, by a German Tractors- producer. They
have between 35 and 270 HP. [When you look on this picture you can see one of the
biggest tractor, which Lamborghini produce].
Other products are the Sport cars
Since the year 1964 produces the company more than two- thousand sport cars
every year. The first car was the 350 GTV he had 280 HP. [You can see them here].
Today produce Lamborghini two basic models: The Gallardo and the Murciélago.
The engines of the cars have a power between 500 and 600 HP [five and six
hundred HP]. Thy reaches a maximum speed of 320 km/h [kilometre per hour] and
need less than 4 seconds from zero to one- hundred. With 200.000 Euro are the cars
very expensive. [Here I have a little car, one thing is very special a normal car has
the engine in the front, but Lamborghini has them in the back and the boot in the
front. You can see that here.]
That was my Presentation about Lamborghini, thank you for listening. I am now
prepared to answer your questions

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