John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy
Kennedy in his early years
– John was born on 29th may 1917 in Brookline/Massachusetts
– With 13 years he visited the Catholic boarding-school in Canterbury
– JFK was always weakly as a child, he had a weak back, allergies (Allergien), asthma,
and later it got clear that he had the Addison disease
– Then he should go to London School of Economics, but he had to stop studying,
His father was Joseph P. Kennedy he got be rich by making risky speculations on the
purse(Börse)and to sell with alcoholic drinks illegally in 1937 President Roosevelt made
him the American ambassador (Botschafter) in England
– JFK`s mother was Rose Fitzgerald she became nine children, four boys and five girls,
John was the second one
Military service (Militärdienst)
At first Kennedy was a soldier in Pearl Habor
– In one operation 1943 he served the life from some of his comrades (Kameraden),
what made him a hero when he came back to the USA, because the New York Times
printed this story in their paper
his older brother died in 1944 as an airman (Flieger)
– At last he became commander of a torpedo boat
Kennedy`s way to become president
– Short time later Kennedy won elections in Boston and moved to Washington in 1947
where he was in the House of Representatives (Haus von Vertretern)
– 1953 JFK won the elections in Massachusetts and got senator for this state
– Then he got re-elected as senator with a sensational result (73,6 % of votes)
– In 1960 JFK run for president of the USA, and he had a very hard electoral battle with
Richard M. Nixon
– He won the elections just with lead of 0,1 %,
Time as president
– 1961 the wall was built in Germany, but JFK was not able to do anything, just to tell
the population of Berlin that he would stay with them („Ich bin ein Berliner“)
– In 1962 the Cuba crisis began, because the Sowjetunion installed medium-range
missiles (Mittelstreckenraketen) in Cuba, but Kennedy achieved that the ships of the
sowjets turned back and all missiles were taken off the island
– Another thing John persuaded, was to give black people in the USA the same rights
like white people had. That`s why he made a law of integration (Integrationsgesetz)
The assassination (Attentat)
– Kennedy wanted to run for president in 1964 and was therefore in Dallas to collect
– On 22nd of November in 1963 at 12.30 o´clock Kennedy was shot and at 13.00
o´clock his death was noticed
– But there are many contradictory thesis, who killed JFK for real, but till today the
murder had not been cleared up
– In 1940 JFK wrote the book „Why England Slept“, which became a best seller

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