The novel „Holes“ by Louis Sachar is about a 15 years old boy from California who’s name is Stanley Yelnats and who has to go innocent to Camp Green Lake.
Camp Green Lake is in Texas and is a camp for bad boys. That’s where Stanley Yelnats has to go because he’s convicted in a crime he hasn’t done. He thinks that his being at the camp is just part of the curse that has plagued his family for generations.
At Camp Green Lake the bad boys have to dig holes in the vast wasteland of the lake that dried up many years ago. He’s in group D of the camp, where he meets X-ray, Armpit, Zero, Magnet and Zigzag. Soon Stanley also gets a nickname, Caveman. The counsellor of the group is Mr. Pendanski and there is also Mr.Sir, a really cruel man. The warden of the camp is a woman that is a little bit strange. Later we know what they really want from the boys who dig the holes. They want to find the treasure of Kissin’ Kate Barlow, an outlaw who has been living in Camp Green Lake 110 years ago. So the boys could do the work for them and their excuse is that the boys would have a better better character when they dig.
At the end Stanley breaks the curse because he helps the descendant of the gypsy who has cursed this great-great-grandfather. Sequently he and his family get lucky and rich.
I would give the story a 2 because it includes interesting issues like racism, bullying and other things that are always current. Especially, I like how Louis Sachar connected three stories in one book. It is very exciting and full of mystery. So it’s like a puzzle and with every page you read you put some peaces together.
The target group of this book are older teenagers, because the younger ones might have problems to understand the story because of the way Louis Sachar has written the book.

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