History of America

The history of America
The first Americans came 1620 as pilgrims with the ship „Mayflower” to the American continent.
They were 102 men, women and children. They sailed 14 weeks from England. In North America they wanted to start a new colony where they could practice their religion freely, because in England people’s lifes were often in danger, if they had different religions. During the trip most of them died. The Indians helped them to grow food.
After the first winter the pilgrims invited the Indians to celebrate the harvest.
Together they ate a meal of wild turkey and food that they had grown.
In the middle of the 18th century there were 13 separate English colonies along the east coast of America. More and more people were born and they began to see America as their home country and not Britain.
A group of people dressed themselves as Indians.
The Americans threw the tea from the British ship in the water. Later, people called this event the „Boston Tea Party“.
The Americans didn’t have so much money and they fought against England.
America won this war.
George Washington led the Americans to the independence. In the Declaration of Independence all people are equal. After the Declaration of Independence lots of American people from the south took black people from Africa to the „New World” to build their colonies. The Blacks had to work on the cotton fields in the southern states of America.
But the Blacks never had the same rights like Whites.

In 1861 Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth president of the USA. He abolished slavery, but the slave-owners in the south didn’t want this.
So eleven of the southern states left the union and the civil war began.
In 1865 the north won the war. But the Blacks still didn’t have the same rights as white people.
There was a big controversy in the 50s and 60s. Blacks were not allowed to merry Whites, to use buses or swimming-pools from the white people and had to go to different schools.

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