What is franchising
„partnership for profit“
Franchising is a model of doing business with a proofed business concept.
The franchiser owns its own corporation, but you will do business as a licensee of the franchisor.
On the other hand you are in a network and be able to get professional advice and support.
How are the benefits of franchising?
You have your own business under your own control.
The risk is limited, because of the proved concept and the support from the franchisor.
90% of the franchisee have established with franchising a secure income.
You just have to focus on your business and not have to worry about something like marketing strategy, agreements, letters and so on.
How to become a franchisee?
Take your time to figger out what kind of franchising you want to do.
Consider all aspects:
– is it profitable
– have you enough capital(no over boring)
Ask other franchisee about problems and how profitable their business is.
Get information from the BFA (AAFA), the franchiser and the bank.
Read magazines and books about the subject.
Ask the BFA to explain you the whole franchise-license agreement.
Who are the franchisors?
Franchisors are in several businesses:
– retail
– fast-food
– business to business
– business to consumer
– industrial services
– support
– and so on
How to become a franchisor?
You have to set up a concept which you are able to duplicate and to expand.
You need enough capital to build up your own franchise agreement, your own brand with marketing and distribution system and your own support-system.
After you need franchisees who want to invest their money to get your concept proofed.
Who is BFA?
(British Franchise Association)
The BFA does quality proves on the franchisor and deliver support to the franchisees.
The BFA offers case studies and seminars also gifs out information about franchising.

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