Fear of flying – Aviophobia

1. What type of syntoms do people have?

People have the fear of being in a plane while in flight. The level of anxiety is so great that this desease prevents a person from travelling by air. If a person with such a phobia is compelled to fly, it will cause a big distress to that person. He or she could have panic attacks with shortage of breath and vomiting.

2. What types of challenges do people with this phobia have?

  • They will have problems to travel (business, going in vacations)
  • It will prevent people from visiting family or friends abroad
  • It can cripple the career of a businessperson, if he or she refuses air travel on work related business.

3. Are there any treatments? What can be done to help manage it?


  • Educating people about the realities of aviation can diminish their fear. For example how aircrafts fly, what a certain sound is, that turbulence will not destroy the airplane.
  • Or People could lear flying or fly dive to lose the fear of the unknown.


  • There are lots of different therapies, which try to help the people to handle their anxiety.
  • Which different types will be used depends on the cause of the fear and by which key occasion it appeared the fist time (which age?)


  • Often psychoactive medications like relaxant or depressant drugs are used to fade the symptoms and the breathtaken feeling of anxiety.

4. What do you think what the causes of fear of flying could be?

  • It may be created by various other phobias and fears (fear of injury and death, feeling of not beeing in controll, fear of height,..)
  • previous traumatizing experience with air travel or something connected to air travel
  • Media – shows the crashes, but not how many planes don`t crash
  • Misunderstanding the principles of aviation.

5. Vocabulary

  • distress – Not, Qual, Elend – suffering, harm
  • to compel – zwingen
  • to cripple – kaputtmachen, laehmen, stilllegen – to destroy, to damage
  • to diminish sth. – etw. abschwächen, reduzieren – to reduce
  • aviation – Aeronautik, Flugwesen – flying in common
  • depressant – beruhigend, dämpfend

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