Fast Food

Fast Food
• Eating junk food is really unhealthy. It have too much sugar and fat and it’s usually high in calories.Too much fat in our nutrition can increase the risk of overweight, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.
• Lots of people like to eat hamburgers with chips and ketchup.
• People eat fast food because it is quick and much easier than cooking. It is also really cheap. Food chains like McDonald’s or Burger King offer a child-friendly atmosphere. You don’t need any knives, forks, spoons or dishes.
• Typical Fast Food meals are for example: Curry sausages, hot dogs, chips, hamburgers, pizza or sandwiches.
• Children love sweets very much, and typical are Muffins, Brownies, Cookies. You get all these kinds of sweets in fast food restaurants. It’s very convenient. You can eat while you drive or walk. You don’t have to clean the kitchen or wash dishes. Young people find fast food restaurants are a good place after school. They meet their friends.
• But people get fatter. Nowadays it is a problem.

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