Falling Man Characters

Keith Neudecker

  •  lawyer
  •  39 years old
  •  wears business suits / is tall
  •  Lianne’s ex-husband (p. 37 / l.2)
  •  father of Justin, not a good relationship
  •  survivor of 9/11 -> traumatized
  •  lives in a small apartment close to the WTC
  •  likes poker games
  •  starts a new life in Las Vegas and becomes a professional poker player ->


  •  addicted to provoke his luck
  •  is distant to other people
  •  never share emotions or feelings
  •  has no sex with Lianne after 9/11
  •  has a affair with Florence


  •  38 years old
  •  Keith’s ex-wife
  •  threw Keith out
  •  mother of Justin
  •  was a single mother for a long time but she still loves / misses Keith
  •  takes Keith to hospital
  •  lives near Fifth Avenue
  •  works with people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease; leads a

group; writes down their stories and experiences

  •  her father committed suicide because he was a Alzheimer patient
  •  freaks out when the neighbor listened to loud music; she tries to hit her
  •  does not know how to deal with the performing artist “falling man”
  •  no equal relationship between her and her mother Nina because Nina is

very dominant


  •  has a lover -> Martin
  •  has a daughter -> Lianne
  •  maybe 70 years old
  •  former professor of art but retired academic
  •  takes heavy medication to fall asleep
  •  not happy about Keith and Lianne
  •  not empathetic
  •  strong character -> own opinion on the terror attacks
  •  American status symbols (apartment, lover, money)
  •  she links the character


  •  Lianne’s and Keith’s son
  •  7 years old
  •  pale hair
  •  likes to play baseball
  •  collects old pencils
  •  best friends = Kati and Robert (siblings)
  •  made up their own story about 9/11

– Bin Laden = Bill Lawton (p.73)

– They are searching the skies for more planes

  •  the relationship between Justin and Keith improves after 9/11
  •  Keith leaves Justin and Lianne
  •  3 years later:

– Keith comes back

– Hates his father


  •  “He was active” (p.140, l.21)
  •  member of a collective in the late nineteen sixties, called “Kommune One”

in Germany (p.142, l.3)

  •  may have been part of a support group or a sleeper cell (p.142, l.21)
  •  his name is Ernst Hechinger (p.143, l.32)
  •  he keeps an apartment in Berlin (p.142, l.14)
  •  he thinks that the jihadists have something in common with the radicals of

the sixties and seventies (p.142, l.24)

  •  he has a wife in Paris (p.141, l.1; p.45, l.3/4)
  •  he is an art-dealer today (p.44, l.31)
  •  he is Nina’s lover
  •  travelling between Europe/USA
  •  “I am shapeless” (p.44, l.16)
  •  he was overweight, jet-lagged, unwashed, wears a well-worn suit (p.45,


-> ignorant, careless about his outward appearance, bad-tempered


  •  one of the (two) terrorists
  •  lives in the city of Hamburg
  •  his friends are strong Islamic
  •  he studies architecture and engineering (p.79, l.9)
  •  his girlfriend names Leyla (p.83, l.23)
  •  thinks sometimes of marrying her (p.82, l.19)
  •  flat on Marienstraße -> sharing with other students
  •  “Soldier in Saddam’s army” (p.77, l.12)
  •  in Florida for the terrorist training camp (flight training)
  •  is religious
  •  he adapts himself to the American lifestyle
  •  he creates hate of the people
  •  he misses friends and love

-> brainwashing

  •  he wants to fly the plane but he isn’t good enough
  •  forgets the world (p.228, l.1)
  •  they have a plastic to paradise (p.228, l.14-18)
  •  “This is your long wish, to die with your brothers” (p.228, l.3)
  •  “Every sin of your life is forgiven in the seconds to come. There is nothing

between you and eternal life in the seconds to come. You are wishing for

death and now it is here in the seconds to come.” (p.228/229, l.30, l.1-4)

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