Barack Obama

Barack Obama
Personal Information:
Name: Barack Hussein Obama
Birthday & -place:04.08.1961, Honolulu, Hawaii
Family Information:
Mother: Stanley Ann Dunham (1942–1995), white
Father: Barack Hussein Obama Senior (1936–1982), black
After his parents got a divorce he grew up with his grandmother Madelyn Dunham in Hawaii.
Wife: Michelle Obama (27), since 1992 his wife
Children:Sasha (6) and Malia
• 1971-1979 Privatschool, High School Punahou School in Hawaii
• 1979-1981 Occidental Collegein Los Angeles
• 1981-1983 Columbia University in New York, studied political sciences
• 1985-1991 Harvard Law School, studied jurisprudence
His way into the Politic:
• 1992, Illinois, Campagne for Afro American voters
• 1996, Senate of Illinois
• 2005, Senate of the USA
• 2007, February he enunciate his candidateship for president
Barack Obama’s Campaign:
War in Iraq:
• Obama opposed the war from the beginning
• warned that invasion will embolden extremism and it distracts from fight against terrorism
• will remove the American troops in 16 month
• wants a successful end of the war!
• will support Iraqi forces will spend 2 billion dollars to support more than 4 million displaced Iraqis
• wants NO permanent bases in Iraq
Conflicts with Iran:
• He will search for a solution with international cooperation in a diplomatic way
Health care policy:
• encouraging the people who do not have a health insurance
• People should still have the right to decide if they want a private or a national insurance
• Employers who do not pay for their employees have to deposit for the public cash.
• Compulsory coverage for children
• “Friendship” with Bill Ayers, one of the founders of „Weathermen“ –a terror group who commited attacks against the US-government in the 60’s.
• (In this time Barack Obama was 8 years old. Furthermore they aren’t friends, he just knows him. Furthermore the accusations against Ayers were dropped in 1974 and he is now professor of educational science.)

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