Australian Customs

Australian Customs
The Australian…
…is friendly, liberal-minded (weltoffen), inquisitive (neugierig) and helpful.
 Australians always use the first name.
 You’ve got no problems to find friends
Work and free time
 The Australians have got a proverb which is the opposite of our “Was du heute
kannst besorgen, dass verschiebe nicht auf Morgen” “Never do today, what you
can put of till tomorrow”
 The life of an Australian: one third work, one third sport and another sleep
 Australians like sports, the beach and their barbecues at the weekends
The Pub
 It doesn’t matter whether somebody is a manager, a worker or a trucker
everybody in Australia likes cold beer.
 The pubs are a national institution.
 In former times it was only a man dominated domain but today women are
allowed to go in pubs, too.
 You can easily get in contact with an Australian but you have to talk to him. Or
you shout “It’s my shout” and everybody will like you.
 An Australian drinks usually 120l per year (including children and women)
Important Holidays
26. January Australia Day
25. April ANZAC Day
25. December Christmas
26. December Boxing Day
 It’s summer at Christmas time
 The Australians have largely adopted the winter-based traditions, but they like to
have a picnic or a barbecue. They’ve got also the traditional British puddings.
 Christmas isn’t as important as in Germany, because Australia is more
 There is also Hanukkah (a Jewish festival), Kwanzaa (an African-American
festival), Ramadan (an Islamic festival) and Ta Chiu (Taoist festival)

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