Animals in the Austrian forests

Animals in the Austrian forests
I choose this topic because I am a hunter und so I like all animals especially the animals in the forest.
It is very interesting to look at the animals which are living in the nature and in freedom. When I sit on
a stand during the birds are singing and I wait for animals for me this is the time when I can relax.
At first I will start with the classification about the animals.
1.) Hoofed animals (Schalenwild)
The reed deer, fallow deer (Damwild), roe deer, chamois deer (Gams), ibex deer (Steinbock) – a
special form are the wild boars (Wildschweine)
2.) Small predator (Raubwild)
The brown beer, wolf, fox, badger. marten, lynx and the wildcat
3.) hares
The hare (Feldhase) and the mountain hare.
4. rodent (Nagetier)
The marmot and the braver (Bieber)
5. game birds
There are so many species. Representing the mountain cock, pheasant, mallard duck, gray goose,
dove (Taube) and the eagle(Adler)
The reed deer is the biggest animal in the Austrian forests. The male read deer can get a weight up to
200 kilos. It’s possible that the animals are 15 years old. In 1950 in Austria the read deer has been
nearly exterminated. Today there are enough read deers in the Austrian forests. It lives in prides
(Rudeln) with a strict hierarchy. In one pride it is possible that 20 animals live there. The most
impressing thing is the antler (Geweih). It can get a weight up to 10 or in special forms up to 14 kilos.
The best reed deer’s live in Hungary. The hunters shot a reed deer which was 10 years old. At this
time the animals have got the prime age. In Austria the reed deer hunt is a very important hunt
because everybody want to shoot a big deer. When a deer is shot by a hunter and it is not the hunter’s
area he must pay for the shoot up to 10 000 €.
The roe deer is the most numerous animal in the Austrian forests. The number of animals which are
hunted per year are 250 000. The roe deer lives in every forest and so every hunter in Austria has a
chance to shoot a roe deer. The roe buck can get a weight up to 25 kilos and a doe weight around 20
kilos. In May the doe gets mostly two fawns. Roe deer’s are able to achieve around 10 years. The roe
buck has an antler. It is not as big as the antler from the reed deer. The maximum of activity from the
roe deers is in August. It is called rut. In October the roe buck loose its antler and gets a new one. In
my hunting area the roe deer is the most frequent animal and so I love the roe deer hunt.
A special animal in the Austrian forests is the fox. The fox is a very clever and careful animal.
Sometimes it is cleverer as a hunter. It is a predator and so 80% of its meal is mouses. Foxes have a
fox-whole were they live during the day. At night they go out hunting. In 1980 the foxes had a bad time
because they had rabies (Tollwut). A fox can weight up to 10 kilos and can become 7 years old. In
May the vixen get up to 6 whelps in the fox hole.
The hares live most of the time in the fields. But at the last time the agriculture in Austria has changed.
So it is possible that in many areas the hares live most of its time in the wood. The important thing
when you see a hare are its ears. They have long ears and they are able to hear well. Their best
tactics to be safe from the predator are its eyes because it can look around itself. The hares can
weight up to 5 kilos and can become 10 years old.
The mountain cock is the most beautiful bird in the forests. They live in the mountains in old spruce
forests. The number of mountain cocks has been less in the last years. The reason for that problem is
the changed wood cultivation. The male mountain cock can be weight up to 6 kilos during the female
mountain cock weight 2 kilos. The female lays around 6 eggs. The chick eats in its first days just ants.
I think the mountain cock is the most beautiful bird in Austria.
At last I hop that my presentation was interesting. Thank you for listening.

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