Aborigines live close together with the nature. They have strange rules in
terms of the nature.
Before white people came to Australia the Aborigines lived at the east
cost and in the outback of the country.
At this time the Aborigines lived in communities of 500 people. There
were often wars between them.
Some facts about their religion:
Most Aborigines have the same religion. It is based on legends of the
Creation of Australia. The Aborigines call this time the “dreamtime”.
Climate and countryside got created; plants and animals followed and
finally people came into life. The Aborigines believe in ghosts which live
in this “dreamtime”.
The rainbow- snake Yurlunggur is often seen as the Creator. It is one of
the most important symbols in this religion.
The Aborigines have paintings on the walls of their caves. They believe
in these paintings.
Aborigines often do meditations to show their respect towards their
religion. Old people show their children the different ways to meditate.
The life of the Aborigines:
The migrants live in simple little houses.
They often go hunting. When they got hunting they usually use lances
and boomerangs. Women often have maces to defend themselves.
They do not just use the boomerang for hunting but also for sports.
The Aborigines live in herds with 20 till 30 members. The herd owns
some land where it has its own rights and rules. Every herd has its own
head. The members of this head all have special skills.
Women mostly just work. Men go through different stages in there lives.
When a boy was born, he lives with his mother. At the age of 14 he
mustn’t have any contact to girls. He becomes a part of the men in the
tribe and learns about special customs of the Aborigines. After marriage
he finally is a real man and is allowed to practise all the traditions.
Traditionally, the Aborigines get their food by collecting and hunting.
The women go collecting and the men go hunting.
The music:
The traditional instrument of the Aborigines is the Didgeridoo. They build
it out of bamboo.
The Bora-Bora is an instrument, too. But the Aborigines don’t use it to
make music. They use it for their spirit. A very popular Australian pop
group is Youth Yindi.
The art:
The Aborigines don’t know how to write.
Therefore art is very important for them. All of their history is painted on
walls of caves. But they also paint on wood and other rocks.
The languages of Australia:
Since the arrival of the Europeans there have been about 200 till 300
languages spoken in Australia. However nobody knows an exact number
because it’s very hard to separate dialects from single languages. But
most people say that there are about 250 different languages.

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