A meeting in the dark – Caught between cultures


  • Time: 1970ies
  • Place: Kenia, Limuru, Makeno Village
  • Point of view: experienced speech, internal monologue, 3rd person, indirect narrator


  • John
    • Son of Stanley, clever, hard working, should go to college (Makarere Uganda), has a special status in the village, has an affair with Wamuhu
  • Stanley
    • Father of John, frail but energetic, priest, religious tone, treats his son like a sinner, not very polite, feared by everything, columnist, prayer
  • Wamuhu
    • pretty and attractive, not very well educated, pregnant, thinks that John loves her, and wants to marry her
  • Stanleys mum
    • knows all of Stanleys sins because of John, tall and lank, connected with her tradition
  • other natives
    • respect John because of his education and success, expect from John to be moralic and respectfull, John is their idol, fear Stanley


  • Exposition
    • Dialogue between John and his father and dialogue between Susana and Stanley about the education of John
  • Conflict / rising action
    • Description of Johns life and explanation of the problem and the affair with Wamuhu
  • Climax
    • Johns dream and his rising hopelessnes
  • Resolution
    • John kills Wamuhu, but he is out of his mind


  • Standing between two worlds
  • alienation of the culture and tradition
  • father-son conflict
  • force of religion

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